West Central Meeting 1 – Highlights

Over 50 individuals from businesses across Scotland attended the first West Central Agritourism Monitor Farm meeting at Shantron and Shemore farms on Tuesday 7th May 2019. The meeting theme 'first impressions count' gave the individuals the opportunity to give their honest feedback to the Lennox family about their self-catering cottages and working hill sheep farm....

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Agri-tourism: the way to grow for Scottish farmers

NatWest recently interviewed Caroline Millar, Scottish Agritourism Monitor Farm Facilitator about the monitor farms, and agritourism growth in Scotland. Millar believes there are two main driving forces behind the growing interest in and uptake of agri-tourism. “First, I really believe that there is an increasing consumer trend towards people understanding where their food comes from, and real authentic experiences,” she says. “And second is the need for farmers to add value to what they already do, and make their farms more sustainable. But I feel it is important that they offer a full agri-tourism experience, not just a rural tourism experience that happens to be on a farm. “One of the key challenges for the industry is: how do we stand out as a very rich experience that is different to just going...

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East Central Meeting One Report – First Impressions Count

The first East Central Monitor Farm meeting was held on Wednesday 3rd April with the theme 'First Impressions Count' and focused on how important customer views are and how first impressions of your business is the starting point of the customer’s experience – good, bad or indifferent. Click here to get access to the full report from meeting one....

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Five Minute Fact Sheet – First Impressions

After a while it is difficult to see our business as others would see it for the first time. Customers are constantly coming to get to know your business for the first time and will either have a positive or negative view of it, or somewhere in between. Click here to get access to our First Impressions fact sheet about customers first thoughts and opinions to a business. ...

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