West Central Scotland

Our Family

The Lennox family have been farming on the hills next to the banks of Loch Lomond since 1750 – producing Scotch lamb andScotch beef for generations. The family have been established in agritourism for the last 30 years, providing a warm welcome and high level of hospitality to visitors staying in their bed and breakfast, and self-catering business.

Bobby, Anne and Kay work full time on the farm, with Kay’s husband Dougie working full-time as a boat builder.  Dougie and Kay have two children.

Our Location

The Lennox family farm at Shemore and Shantron farms on the Luss Estate, which is situated next to the banks of Loch Lomond, Scotland.


Established in agritourism for the last 30 years, the Lennox family are experienced in running a tourism business on the farm.

Shantron Farm includes a self-catering three bedroom cottage run by Anne. From 1991 to 2018, Anne run the business as bed and breakfast, but now the cottage operates as self-catering.

Kay and husband Dougie run the self-catering two bedroom cottage at Shemore and are currently developing a new luxury glamping business, based on the farm.

The family also wish to develop farm tours and experiences for members of the public and guests staying in their cottages, including visitors watching or take part in lambing, shearing, dyking and mustering.

Our Farm

Shemore and Shantron farms are run over 1,500 hectares, compromising of mostly hill land.

The family run a flock of 1,400 Blackface ewes, producing Scotch lamb, of which 400 are fully recorded with Signet.  Lambs are sold as prime lambs and the family also sell a number of recorded rams.

The farming enterprise also includes 20 suckler cows which are out-wintered,  with calves sold at 15 months through the store ring at auction.

Farm Focus Areas

West Central Monitor Farm Focus

  • Developing a profitable agritourism business which provides a good level of income for three generations and sustains the family business for the future
  • How to develop agritourism as a farm tenant
  • Developing a new profitable farm tour and farm experience business which gives a good return on time
  • Standing out in a crowded glamping and self-catering market place with a strong agritourism experience to attract visitors
  • Setting up and opening a new glamping business
  • Telling the story of Scotch lamb through farm tours
  • Building on your experience as a film location and attracting more paid filming income
  • Exploring options for providing your own Scotch lamb to guests e.g. BBQs, other food offerings
  • Incorporating local food and drink into the agritourism offering in a way which is profitable and worthwhile
  • Telling the unique story of the family’s history of the farm, the unique and beautiful geography and the farm traditions such as mustering as a saleable and unique experience
  • Building on the strong hospitality foundation in the existing family business
  • Farm succession to Kay and Dougie as the next generation of farmers and agritourism business owners
  • Maximising the opportunity from the year of Coasts and Waters in 2020, being on the banks of Loch Lomond
  • Becoming part of an agritourism food trail, working with others in the local area
Agritourism Monitor Farm Project West Central Scotland.

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West Central Meeting Dates

Monitor Farm MeetingDateLocation
Last physical meeting – open (West)10th March 2022, 09.00-17.00Physical Meeting if permitted
Online Meeting 17th March 2022, 10.00-12.00Virtual meeting via Zoom

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