Agri-tourism: the way to grow for Scottish farmers

Agri-tourism: the way to grow for Scottish farmers

NatWest recently interviewed Caroline Millar, Scottish Agritourism Monitor Farm Facilitator about the monitor farms, and agritourism growth in Scotland.

Millar believes there are two main driving forces behind the growing interest in and uptake of agri-tourism. “First, I really believe that there is an increasing consumer trend towards people understanding where their food comes from, and real authentic experiences,” she says.

“And second is the need for farmers to add value to what they already do, and make their farms more sustainable. But I feel it is important that they offer a full agri-tourism experience, not just a rural tourism experience that happens to be on a farm.

“One of the key challenges for the industry is: how do we stand out as a very rich experience that is different to just going to stay in a chalet on the edge of a loch, for example? I think at the moment some farmers don’t understand that, and it is one of the things we are trying to address now with the monitor farms project.”

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