December 2023

First Impressions Count

Scotland's Agritourism Monitor Farms Programme closes 2023 on a high with the completion of the First Impressions Count meetings. Each of Scotland's new Agritourism Monitor Farmers hosted meetings that invited fellow rural business owners into their business to provide feedback on their 'first impression' of that Monitor Farmer's business. Each Monitor Farmer received praise and criticism about areas of their business with the goal of being constructive. The Monitor Farmers gained new perspectives on their businesses, and could see their own businesses with fresh eyes which proves difficult at times when your nose is to the grindstone. Equally, all attendees benefitted from this exercise as much of the feedback was applicable to their own businesses. We look forward to 2024 where we will continue to grow a network of proactive...

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Branding Workshop With Lesley Wood

Join Scotland's Agritourism Monitor Farms Programme on Wednesday the 24th of January for a Branding Workshop. Lesley Wood will be running the workshop. Lesley is an experienced brand consultant working with many businesses across Scotland including many agritourism businesses. Lesley will cover all aspects of Brand, good practice and offer case study examples from the agritourism sector including from the four monitor farming businesses. As part of this meeting, businesses will get the chance to visit Forest Farm - The Organic Dairy , on the outskirts of Aberdeen hosted by the Willis Family. Participants will be able to hear from the Willis family about the business overall but also their brand and how this helps to drive sales. follow this link to register for the event. ...

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Communications Masterclass Online Meeting

Scotland's Agritourism Monitor Farms Programme is hosting an Online Communications Masterclass meeting on Thursday 18th January 2024 from 9.00 am - 10.15 am. Learn how to communicate the story of your business and family to both a consumer and industry audience. Claire Taylor our programme communications expert will offer practical advice and support across different communications channels. OIivia Midgley and Jeremy Buxton will also be contributing. Olivia is a journalist and editor specialising in food, farming, rural affairs, news, features and analysis. She is the Editor at Farmers Guardian. Jeremy formerly worked for Sky as a presenter and returned to farming in 2010 and has spent the last decade adding livestock, opening a campsite, planting agroforestry / fruit trees and in the last year opened a farm shop. Jeremy is skilled in broadcasting, video,...

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Deputy First Minister Announces New Agritourism Monitor Farms for Scotland’s Agritourism Monitor Farms Programme

At the Scottish Agritourism Conference held in Perth on November 21st & 22nd, Deputy First Minister Shona Robinson formally announced Scotland's four new Monitor Farmers for Scotland's Agritourism Monitor Farms Programme. To read the full press release follow this link, ...

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