East Central Meeting Report – What do Banks think of Lending to the Agritourism Sector?

Click here to access the meeting report from the sixth East Central meeting of the three-year Scottish Enterprise Agritourism Monitor Farm Programme, which took place on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

The meeting focused on the topic of lending, and heard the views of three different bank managers on the following areas;

  • Lending to the agritourism sector;
  • What has worked well in agritourism projects they have funded;
  • What agritourism businesses need to do to raise £1 million.

Guest speakers for the evening were;

  • Stephen Buchan and Stuart Tait from Clydesdale Bank
  • Russell Pinkerton and Stuart Kenny from Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Sarah Tyson form Bell Ingram representing the Agricultural Mortgage Company (AMC)