Full Videos from East Central Meeting – Food Tourism, What is Local? (1st October 2019)

Guest speaker for the day was Sandra Reid from Fare Consulting. Sandra has over 15 years consultancy experience and offers business support in food service, accommodation, retail and events.

The meeting covered four main areas including;
– What’s is local?
– Supplying your own farm produce to guests
– Environmental health requirements for serving food and drink

East Central Monitor Farmers Stuart and Jo McNicol also discussed their experiences with using local produce through the café at DRIFT., highlighting some of the challenges they have faced along the way.
Prior to the meeting Sandra met with East Central Monitor Farmers Stuart and Jo to discuss some of the local produce they use in the DRIFT.

They focused on six main ingredients and looked at where they currently get the supply from, highlighting the pros and cons they have faced since establishing the business in June 2018.

Watch the full videos below of Sandra’s talk which was recorded live at the meeting.